There is Okuizumo-cho(奥出雲町) in Shimane.
Oni no Shitaburui(鬼の舌震) is ravine here.
It will not be known to a Japanese very much either.
The Japanese country is interesting.
Especially, The place that does not appear in a guidebook.

鬼の舌震 Oni no Shitaburui , Japan 2006.9
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the Sea of Japan

浜田市 Hamada City , Japan 2006.8
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京都 Kyoto , Japan 2005.11
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Torokko Aarashiyama

京都 Kyoto , Japan 2005.11

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Matsue City

Matsue City is the country.
Of course, it is not a big city like Tokyo and Osaka.
It was a castle town in the Edo Era. The castle still stays.
It seems to be small Kyoto! But.... really small.

松江市 Matsue City , Japan 2007.1
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Japan Sea

The coast of the Sea of Japan.
It is a place of 30 minutes by car from Matsue City.

松江市 Matsue City , Japan 2004.7
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I like it !

Vientiane , Laos 2007.12
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